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M2M Technologies, LLC and Nexus Dealer Services are Proud to Quickly Recover a Stolen Vehicle Utilizing the Shield Stolen Vehicle Recovery Device.

M2M Technologies, LLC and Nexus Dealer Services are proud to announce the quick recovery of a customer’s stolen vehicle using M2M Technologies’ stolen vehicle recovery product, Shield. By enabling Shield’s stolen vehicle recovery mode, M2M Technologies tracked the stolen vehicle from Fremont, CA to San Jose, CA and recovered the vehicle within one day.

Shield customer, Jessica Myronenko, stated, “My husband and I are so thankful for M2M Technologies’ quick action to track and locate my stolen car with the Shield Stolen Vehicle Recovery Device. We were blown away by how quickly the car was located and we’re confident we would not have gotten the vehicle back without this device! The thieves destroyed the Onstar Unit, so even if we had paid for the subscription, it would have been useless. Luckily, they had no idea we had another tracking device installed. We're so grateful for your help getting our car back!”

Jennifer Ahles, President of Nexus Dealer Services also said, “We’re excited to have continued success with M2M Technologies and the Shield Stolen Vehicle Recovery Device. Successful recoveries like this one continue to prove that Shield is the superior GPS stolen recovery device in the industry, and we’re proud to deliver a product to our dealer partners that has proven its success time and time again.”

Shield is a stolen vehicle recovery solution, utilizing the benefits of battery power with the ultra-low power CAT M1 LTE network and Wi-Fi location technology. There are no additional service contracts, monthly subscription costs or installation requirements, making this device a top-tier and hassle-free solution. The attributes of Shield extend well beyond stolen vehicle recovery to motorcycles and scooters, trailer and cargo, automotive finance, asset tracking, and other implementations where the source of power is better suited for battery.

For additional product information, visit Contact Mark Dillon at 614-656-8056 or your Nexus Dealer Services agent at 805-497-8656 for more information or to place your order.

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