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  • Jennifer Ahles


Updated: Oct 2, 2019

M2M Technologies, LLC is celebrating another successful recovery of a stolen vehicle. In conjunction with the local authorities and Nexus Dealer Services, M2M Technologies diligently worked to assist in the recovery of a stolen vehicle in California. M2M Technologies is honored to offer a premier and reliable stolen vehicle recovery device that agencies and dealerships are proud to share with their customers.

Jennifer Ahles, President of Nexus Dealer Services stated, “We were pleased to be able to assist this customer in recovering his new car. Our team strives to provide excellent products and service to our dealership partners and their customers and our successful relationship with M2M Technologies and the Shield product validates this notion.”

Mark Dillon, President of M2M Technologies said “We are very happy to provide a product to our customers and partners that is reliable and is trusted to protect one’s vehicle. M2M Technologies looks forward to continuing to build upon this success in providing top-tier products and services to our customers so everyone purchasing a new car with this device can feel protected when driving off the lot.”

Shield is a stolen vehicle recovery solution, utilizing the benefits of battery power with the ultra-low power CAT M1 LTE network and Wi-Fi location technology. There are no additional service contracts, monthly subscription costs or installation requirements, making this device a top-tier and hassle-free solution. The attributes of Shield extend well beyond stolen vehicle recovery to trailer and cargo, automotive finance, asset tracking, and other implementations where the source of power is better suited for battery.

For additional product information, visit or contact your Nexus Dealer Services agent.

Originally posted on on August 13, 2019

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